Executive Team

With decades of experience and billions of dollars in loans funded, the Executive Leadership team of Saxton Mortgage is poised to grow this start-up into a nationally recognized mortgage lender. With a previous history working together at multiple company’s, the leadership at Saxton Mortgage has the knowledge, experience and industry relationships to take this company to the next level. Through strategic growth and partnerships, Trent and his team are ready to build upon their past successes and forge into a new era of digital lending, spurred on by significant advances in technology and the relationships with secondary market investors in both the traditional and non-traditional financial sectors. Come growth with us, you’ll be glad you did!!

Trent Ford | CEO Saxton Mortgage

Trent Ford

Founder / CEO

Trent J. Ford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Saxton Mortgage, LLC, has over 15 years of mortgage banking, real estate litigation and transactional experience. During the first 10 years of his career in mortgage banking, Ford was instrumental in assisting with the build-out and development of several high-growth organizations exceeding $500M in monthly origination volume and annual GAAP Net Income exceeding $100M. Throughout his career Ford has had direct oversight of all aspects of the business including channel management, regulatory compliance and quality control, lender approval and investor management, warehouse banking, contract negotiations, site acquisition, servicing oversight, vendor management, investor and agency approvals/reviews, state examinations and quality control audits. In his current venture, Saxton Mortgage, Ford is building the foundation and team to grow the company into a nationally recognized mortgage lender.

John Brumund | Chief Production Officer

John Brumund

Chief Production Officer

John Brumund, Chief Production Officer of Saxton Mortgage, LLC. has over 25 years of mortgage banking and real estate experience. Brumund spent the first 10 years of his career as a loan originator. During that time, he founded The Money Tree Financial and served as CEO for 8 years while maintaining a personal pipeline. Brumund was fortunate to serve FNMA in the pilot program for DU and DO for several years, learning “FinTech” before the name existed. Brumund took his expertise in FinTech to a startup (PRMG) where he served as Chief Technology Officer for several years building sales tools for the retail and wholesale production channels, one of which he would later lead to become the top in the industry. Brumund has helped numerous companies build and grow their production on a national scale and has held executive positions within wholesale, retail and correspondent production over the past 7 years. Most recently, Brumund served as the President or Direct Lending for a nationally recognized mortgage bank. Throughout his career Brumund has excelled at building unique value propositions for the production channels he has lead and looks forward to building production for Saxton Mortgage, LLC in a profitable, scalable, and most importantly, sustainable manner.

LIla Baik | Saxton Mortgage

Lila Baik

Senior Vice President – Operations

Ms. Baik started her mortgage career as a loan processor after graduating from UC Irvine. Throughout her career Ms. Baik has proven herself to be an integral and invaluable member of the team. Her work ethic, combined with her natural talent, Ms. Baik has quickly become a master of architecting loan flow through origination systems, with a strong compliance knowledge. Lila has worked with Trent at 3 separate companies, during which time she has handled 3 full LOS implementations and numerous systems integrations. Her background in originations with an intricate knowledge of the origination systems provides an unmatched ability to design, build and manage the end-to-end loan origination process.