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The direct lender/distributed retail model is broken, and we’re filling the gap between traditional bloated direct lender retail, and old-school wholesale brokering.

EVP’s, SVP’s, Regional Managers, Area Sales Managers, Productions Managers, etc.… the list goes on and on. All those redundant and unnecessary roles cause one major flaw in the retail model – BLOAT, which translates into higher rates and lower compensation to the originator. We’ve eliminated all that redundancy and pushed 100% of the benefit back to the originator and the consumer.

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With decades of experience and billions of dollars in loans funded, Saxton Mortgage is poised to grow into a nationally recognized mortgage lender. Through strategic growth and partnerships, Saxton Mortgage is ready to build upon past successes and forge into a new era of digital lending, spurred on by significant advances in technology and the relationships with secondary market investors in both the traditional and non-traditional financial sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The easy answer is NO, for several reasons. If you talk to any originator, they usually have 5-10 primary investors that they send loans to. In this market, it comes down to two major factors; 1) price and 2) service. There are a small handful of investors that lead both of those categories, and that is who we deliver loans to. We’re always open to new investors, and we continually monitor additional investors for pricing and service, but we maintain a select panel of investors so that we can deliver a meaningful amount of business to those partners to build strong relationships.
ABSOLUTELY!! We don’t operate as a company to just “park” your license and fend for yourself. We offer a full array of benefits including medical, dental, vision and 401K.

Yes, and we prefer the use of in-house processors.  As dedicated employees we can control processors pipelines and provide support to ensure that all files are processed in a timely manner, and control quality and consistency.

YES!! For all our originators we have an income calculation team that will calculate income on all files and provide you with an income report to be used for qualifying borrowers. We also have a document upload team that will handle the upload and indexing for all of your files. This is a secure file upload that is available to yourself as the originator, the internal staff, as well as your borrowers.
Yes, access to both DU and LP are available through our web-based Loan Origination System. We provide a full-service LOS that is used by some of the top bankers in the country at no cost to the originator. This includes a dedicated landing page for the originator that is fully integrated into our LOS and delivers your applications directly into your loan pipeline.
As an active originator with Saxton Mortgage we provide access to our investor’s pricing through a web-based pricing engine.

Once the borrower’s authorization has been obtained the originator is able to pull credit directly through the loan origination system, which posts directly into the loan file.

As a licensed DBO CFL Lender, we are required to pay all employees through W-2. More importantly, effective January 1, 2020, California Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) changed the law on how employees may be compensated. Specifically, AB 5 adopted a test, and a “Yes” answer to any of the questions below is a strong indication that the worker would be classified as an employee”.

  • Do you instruct or supervise the person while he or she is working? By law the supervising broker is required to supervise the work of the MLO and is ultimately responsible for their actions (or inaction);
  • Can the worker quit or be discharged (fired) at any time? LO’s can quit and.or fired every day, so this would be a “Yes”;
  • Is the work being performed part of your regular business? The core business of a mortgage brokerage is making loans, of which, ALL of the activity is carried out the LO’s, so this would be a “Yes”, too.
  • Do you provide training for the worker? By law a lender is required to maintain an Anti-Money laundering policy and provide training on an annual basis, so this should always be a “Yes”

Many of the trade associations have published guidance on this specific subject and most have opined that without question their belief is that a position as an MLO with a company would fall well within the classification as an employee, which is the primary reason that we require all employees be paid by W-2.

As referenced above, we are licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight under the Finance Lenders Law. According, we require an active DBO MLO License to approval with our company.
After transitioning 100’s of MLO’s over the past several years we know exactly how to get this done in an expedited manner. In most cases we can get your license transferred within 1-3 days, and provide support to ensure that you will have absolutely no interruption in your origination business.

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